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Enterprise Connectivity:

A Discussion with

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This insightful discussion is on the Greymatter application networking platform and the evolution of enterprise connectivity. Panelists included Howard Holton, CTO of Gigaom, and Jonathan Holmes, CTO of

We delved into several crucial topics:

1. Evolutionary Steps from Microservices to Application Networking Adoption:

Howard and Jon discussed the drivers leading enterprises toward microservices and the service-based architecture, as well as the role of the service mesh in this transition. They highlighted the typical path companies take when moving from monolithic systems to application networking.

2. Putting the Service Mesh in Its Place:

We explored the challenges and limitations of service mesh adoption, such as complexity and configuration sprawl. Jon emphasized that while service meshes offer significant capabilities, they often require a high level of expertise to implement and maintain.

3. Introducing Application Networking:

Jon introduced the concept of application networking, emphasizing its role as the backbone of modern application delivery. He discussed the principal elements of application networking platforms, highlighting their capacity to streamline traffic routing, improve scalability, enhance security, and drive cost savings.

4. How Addressing Complexity:

Jon explained how Greymatter addresses complexity management, including tackling configuration creep through automation, the use of Greymatter Specification Language (GSL), and various tools that simplify network management and auditing.

5. Unpacking The Service Connectivity Layer:

Howard shed light on the importance of the service connectivity layer (SCL) in service-to-service communication, its components, and its prevalence in the market.

6. How the SCL and Application Networking Address Platform Engineering:

Howard discussed the role of platform engineering and whether such platforms are readily available off the shelf.

7. Addressing the Wider Application Networking Market:

Howard and Jon shared their insights on the market for application networking platforms like Greymatter, discussing its growth potential and the changing landscape.

8. How Application Networking Vendors Can Stand Out:

Howard provided insights on how application networking vendors can distinguish themselves in the market, focusing on the importance of innovation and addressing specific customer needs.

In closing, this discussion provides valuable insights into the world of application networking and how Greymatter is addressing the complex challenges that modern enterprises face.

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